10 more roles coming your way!

March 23

Welcome to StartupJobs.Amsterdam - a manual curation of interesting roles in tech and at startups in the region. Looking for something specific? Hit reply and let us know 📤.

Hi there,

We've curated another set of 10 cool roles for you:

🌳 Brand Performance Analyst at Otrium (Fashion Outlet Marketplace | Series B) 

🌴 Digital Content Marketer at Whale (Training SAAS | Seed)

🪵 Director Business Model Innovation at PVH (Fashion) 

🍄 Entrepreneur in Residence at Holland Startup (Incubator) 

🌷 Head of Ag Strategy and Business Development at Apollo Agriculture (Agro-Tech) 

🌻 Marketing Manager at Media Distillery (Video AI)  

🌵 Office Manager at Stream (Messaging Platform | Series B) 

🪴 Product Manager at WeTravel (Travel Business SAAS | Seed) 

🎋 SEO Link Building Specialist at Creative Fabrica (Design Assets Platform | Series A) 

🍃 Strategist Facilitator at Limelights (Corporate Innovation) 

Ending this week with a quote from one of our favorite public mentors, Tim Ferriss: The question you should be asking isn’t, “What do I want?” or “What are my goals?” but “What would excite me?” Thoughts? 😉