10 cool or hot roles coming your way!

April 6

Welcome to StartupJobs.Amsterdam - a manual curation of interesting roles in tech and at startups in the region. Looking for something specific? Hit reply and let us know 📤.

Hello there,

Just like all seasons packed in one day, we've curated all kinds of cool (or hot..?) roles for you today!

🍏 Chief of Staff at Secfi (Equity Planning | Pre-Seed)

🥭 Customer Marketing Manager at Zivver (Cyber Security | Series B)

🥝 Customer Success Manager - Digital at Whereby (Video Conferencing | Series A)

🍇 Growth Hacker at Scotty Technologies (Voice Chatbot | Pre-Seed)

🍉 Head of Growth at Dyme (Personal Finance | Seed)

🫐 Head of Payment Products at Mollie (Payments Tech | Series B)

🍓 International Relationship Manager at Vonq (Recruitment Marketing Tech | Series A)

🍐 Product Manager at Bux (Stock Trading App| Series C)

🍊 Product Marketer at Zylab (Info Governance Tech | Pre-Seed)

🍋 Senior Account Executive at Fourthline (KYC Fintech | Series A)

Until next week ~ ✌🏽